Grendel - Drone Commander


Not in production anymore.

Drone machine with a very significant fuzzy sound and an unique exterior in an old rugged metal ammunition case. With two oscillators and LFOs as well as a filter it's easy to create beating rhythmical and dynamic sounds.


Two oscillators are available. The controls OSC 1 and 2 control their frequencies up to ~370Hz (equals middle F#). Pulling the potentiometer will switch the wave form from square to a more mellow triangle. The MIX potentiometer blends between the oscillators just like a crossfader; pull the control to mute the oscillators (the effect of the LFOs, the Pulse and the filter will still be audible).

The LFO modulates the filter's cutoff frequency and the according knob controls the LFO rate. If you pull the pot you'll deactivate the LFO or activate the external control voltage if inserted. The waveform is blended from a short "blip" to a sawtooth with the SHAPE control, pull on the knob to invert the waveform.
The rotary switch 2-4-8-16 determines the second LFO's rate by synchronizing with it's frequency and multiplying it by the factor 2, 4, 8 or 16. The second LFO modulates the square waveform and the modulation intensity is set with the PULSE control.

The Drone Commander's filter is a band pass filter and it's cutoff frequency is set with the FILTER control. Pull it to switch to a higher frequency range. In pressed state hte filter will start to self-oscillatoe below 12h position of the knob.

Besides the external CV input for modulating the filter's cutoff frequency by control voltages there is the LFO's clock output. You might use it to synchronise a sequencer which in return will modulate the Drone Commender's filter.


1/4" audio output
clock output (+8V), filter cutoff CV input (0-10V)
9V DC input, tip positive


282 x 98 x 183mm

3,7 kg
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