Grp Synthesizer - R24


The R24 is a massive statement when it comes to classic analog sequencing. You will find many unique ideas and a very straightforward interface within this unit. Everything is always in view and there is an assigned button for each function. No touch display, no submenus. What seems antiquated at first is an advantage. It makes theR24 an extremely interactive instrument for creating, manipulating and playing sequences live.


Computers and software have a clear advantage when it comes to creating complex and precise sequences. But the experience of intervening easily in a sequence and being able to play it directly is the strength of analogue sequencers and the R24 is a definetely a flagship in this field.

Originally designed as a desktop unit, the R24 can also be built and powered in Modular compatible housings. Ex works it comes with very nicely crafted wooden side parts (...and high quality potentiometers, switches and sockets)


Global Settings:

  • Sequencer Modes: 3*8 or 1*16 + 1*8 or 1*24 steps total length
  • Playback direction, clock speed and sequencer mode can be CV-controlled

Per row:

  • Two gate outputs assignable to individual steps. Gate outputs for the first and last step of a row
  • Order of steps, number of repetitions, divider factor and transposition are CV-controllable. Quantizer, portamento and legato can be added.

Per step:

  • Steps can be played normally, skipped or defined as the last step of a row
  • The value range of the CV controls can be scaled by a factor of 2/4/16, Glide/Portamento time is set per row
  • Assignment of gates to gate output 1 or 2 (or gate: off), ratcheting (fast repetition of steps)


Even though the concept is fully "analog", there is a preset memory for sequences that holds 64 presets.

An ideal partner is GRP's own A2 synthesizer, but the voltage ranges also make it fully compatible with Eurorack and the above mentioned 5U systems anyway. It also "speaks" MIDI and so the R24 can play a central role in many studios.

Inputs and Outputs:
Gate: Run/Stop; Loop On/Off; Reset; Glide On/Off;
Internal Clock Out (0/+5V); External Clock In (0/+5V);
CV In: Advance Mode select; Clock Modulation; Sequence Mode Select; Clock PW Modulation;
MIDI In, Out
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