Haken Audio - Continuum EaganMatrix Expander (CEE)


The hardware unit Continuum EaganMatrix Expander (alias CEE) expands the polyphony of the internal sound engine of the Haken Continuum, the EaganMatrix. The expander triples the computation power of the Continuum, thereby tripling the polyphony. This is useful when more than 16 fingers are touching the surface or you play a lot of percusive sounds with long release times.



Dual DSP design triple the polyphony of the Continuum Fingerboard.
Balanced analog audio outputs via two TRS connectors mirror the Continuum's headphone signal.
The CEE allows for connecting to the Continuum and the CV expander CVC simultaneously. The CEE and the Continuum communicate through two AES/EBU cables. The 5-pin DIN data connectors allow for connecting a CVC expander. Audio connections can be made in three ways: using the CEE's balanced audio outputs, the CEE's digital audio i/o, or the stereo headphone output on the Continuum.

The unit works with 24Bit D/A converters, the digital inputs with 24Bit and 48 or 96kHz, the digital inputs with 24Bit and 32-192kHz.


IEC mains inlet (110-220V, 50-60Hz)
4 control inputs for pedals (1/4" sockets)
4 data connectors (5 pin DIN sockets)
2 digital audio input (AES3/EBU connectors)
2 digital audio output (AES3/EBU connectors) 2 balanced audio outputs (1/4" TRS socket)


dimensions: 38.1 x 15.24 x 4.39cm. weight 1.4kg

1.4 kg
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