The Continuum Fingerboard - halfsize


Here it is, the little brother,the Continuum Fingerboard - halfsize
Designed by Dr. Lippold Haken and manufactured by Haken Audio it is a Midi performance controller that allows unprecedented realtime musical control. Included internally is a custom designed synthesizer, specifically programmed to take advantage of the subtle and dramatic expressive musical possibilities of the Continuum.

The Continuum Fingerboard tracks and updates data values for the X, Y, and Z position of one to sixteen fingers continuously.
The X (side-to-side) position of each finger provides continuous pitch control for a note. This value can vary from a subtle vibrato to dramatic pitch sweeps encompassing the entire length of the playing surface. One centimeter in the X direction corresponds to a pitch range of 73 cents. The total pitch range of the half-size Continuum is nearly 4 octaves. Each finger in contact with the playing surface also outputs a unique Y (front-to-back) value as well as a Z (pressure) value.



Highlights of the Continuum and it's operation:
- 16 voice three dimensional polyphony via a highly optimized Midi data stream.
- Internal sound generator specifically designed to take advantage of the expressive possibilties of the Continuum.
- Pitch resolution allows for seamless polyphonic glissandos and the ability to microtune intervals on the fly.
- Ultra-fast performance response regardless of polyphony.
- Configurable via surface interaction, external computer editor, or Midi input.
- Advanced communication to DSP hardware from Symbolic Sound Corporation.
- Internal pitch processing allows for optionally rounding pitches to equal temperament, just, and user definable scales. This rounding is intelligent, accurately preserving vibrato and glissandi effects.
- Pitch processing allows for scalable and non-linear pitch mappings of the Continuum surface.
- Innovative dual pedal support, including "dynamic" sustain and sostenuto, allowing for continuous depth control of sustained notes.
- Mono modes which allow the user to use multiple fingers to step, retrigger, or glide between note ranges.
- Adjustable pitchbend range tailors the Continuum's response to your Midi sound device.
- Pressure and front-to-back can be configured for any Midi continuous controller message.
- Direct integration with the Continuum Voltage Converter (CVC) for control of analog synthesizers.
- Configurable Midi split for playing surface zone setups.

Audio Output (Analog): 24 bit D/A, up to 5.1v p-p, 100 mW power
Audio Output (Digital): 24 bit AES3, 48 or 96 khz sample rate or sync to AES3 input
Audio Input (Digital): 24 bit AES3, sample rates from 32 to 192 khz


Interface: Midi In & Out, headphone, AES3, connector for CVC


dimensions: 71 x 19 x 7.5 cm
weight: 7,3 kg
power: 40 Watt, 110 or 220 Vac

7.3 kg
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