Happy Nerding - HM VCO


Six HP wide analog oscillator which uses an integrated VCO circuit by Hearn Morley, providing for stable tracking, great FM response and fat sounding PWM. The frequency potentiometer features ten turns, perfectly calibrated to one turn per octave. Due to precisely matched positive and negative signal levels this VCO is the perfect companion to the FM Aid and a great oscillator for FM.



As Happy Nerding modules like the FM Aid are sensitive to levels it is necessary that the modulating oscillator has proper levels - with the HM VCO they are -5V to +5V and are perfectly suited for such FM applications.
The lockable 10-turn potentiometer acts both as coarse and fine tune control and is perfectly calibrated - each time the display indicates a new number you reached a new octave.

For frequency modulation duties an input with a characteristic of one Volt per octave is available as well as an scalable exponential FM input.

The HN VCO has very nice pulse width modulation allowing for wide and thick basslines and also a great squeaky Sync.
Four basic waveforms are provided, with a simple, slightly dirty sine.


inputs: 1V/octave, FM, Sync, PWM
waveform outputs: triangle, sine, sawtooth, pulse


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 50mm deep
power consumption: 46mA @ +12V and 46mA @ -12V

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