Hexinverter - Galilean Moons


The Galilean Moons module consists of two identical function generator and VCA units. As the function generators are normalized to the VCAs, you can easily create an synth voice by inserting an audio signal. Due to the envelope generators' behaviour the voice is great for percussive sounds but it's not limited to it.
Besides of this the module is intended to be an expander for the Hexinverter module Jupiter Storm.



The digital function generators can work as a attack/decay or a attack/sustain/release envelope generators or also as LFOs. The attack and decay parameters range from 0.5ms to 10s and are voltage controllable. The CV inputs are non-linear for the sake of musicality and they expect slow CVs. Fast control voltages will cause the attack time to freak out and to generate experimental chaos ;)
The function generators' characteristics are separately switchable from linear to exponential.

The VCAs have a linear characteristic, can be modulated via the CV input and their level can be regulated manually with the Bias control. But there are also internal normalizations from function generators' outputs to the VCAs' CV inputs, of course only as long as nothing's inserted into the CV input.
To sum up: Both the VCAs and the function generators can be used independently or as one unit.

The module can act as an expander for the Jupiter Storm. In this case the XOR audio output is normalized to VCA 1's CV input and the first noise output of the Jupiter Storm to the second VCA and also the envelope signals are normalized to the VCA CV inputs.
The XOR output is the only function of the Galilean Moons that requires the Jupiter Storm to operate. XOR is an additional noise output and it's sound very much resembles what the JS would produce in "noise disrupt" mode. This way you can use both the clean and nasty noise of the JS simultaneously.


Do NOT try to connect internally a commercially built JS module with a DIY (do it yourself) home built GM module, or vice-versa. The expansion cable pinout is not the same.
Only connect DIY modules to DIY modules, and commercial modules to commercial modules!


Outputs 1 & 2, XOR output

per sub-unit: Attack CV in, Decay CV in, Trigger in, Envelope out, VCA signal in, VCA CV in


3U Eurorack module, 18HP wide, 30mm deep
current draw: 88mA @ +12V and 65mA @ -12V

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