Hexinverter - Jupiter Storm


The Jupiter Storm is a noise core oscillator that, unlike pure noise generators, can be very tonal as well, as it is build around three square wave VCOs. The "noise core disruptor" switch changes the algorithm and creates very wild sounds. Seven outputs are available and they give you lots of different sounds!



The core of the circuitry consists of three analog square oscillators from which noise-like material is derived. The VCOs' frequencies can be set by potentiometers and voltage controlled indiviually or common via the CV All socket. The voltge characteristic is close to 1V/oct so you can play the VCOs. Each oscillator has an individual output, in addition there are four outputs (I, IV, VIII and IX) emitting different flavors of noise.

The bandwith of the harmonically rich sounds is tremendous and covers pulsating drones, very tonal noise and sounds reminiscing of ring modulations, extreme FM or shortwave radio interferences ("the sound of a broken radio being blasted with noise from the cosmos" as the manufacturer says).
When the Noise Core Disruptor is activated, the algorithm is being abused in a creative way, generating crazy and brutal sounds. The result resembles digital noise, similar to a Zorlon Cannon's sound. Or like a noise that is being bit crushed or passed throgh a wave guide.

The material generated by the Jupiter Storm is great for electronic drums, especially snares and hihats (see video)
The module is based entirely around analogue opamps and discrete logic gates. No microcontrollers are used in the design of this module.


3 individual oscillator outputs
frequency CV inputs: CV all (common input), CV 1- 3 (individual inputs)
noise outputs: I, IV, VIII, XI


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 25mm deep
power consumption: 30mA @ +12V and 30mA @ -12V

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