Hexinverter - Mutant Bassdrum


Like all modules in the "Mutant Drums" series also the bassdrum takes a reverend circuitry and mutates it. In this case it is an 808 BD expanded by a pitch parameter, voltage control of pitch and decay as well as a proper voltage controleld distortion you can use independently for other sounds like a synth lead. Generally the Mutant Drums modules use better components than the inspiring circuits did.


The Tone potentiometer controls, as in the original 808, the timbre of the bassdrum. The decay parameter allows for generating snappy short to veeery long bassdrums and goes up to self-oscillation. The range of the pitch parameter is very wide, it ranges from sub audio to frequencies suitable for tom sounds. The pitch can be voltage controlled in addition; although the input is not 1V/octave you still can play basslines easily.
The bassdrum is played after having received an impulse at the Trig input. Accenting the sound is possible due to the accent input. A LED indicates when the bassdrum is played.

The bass drum sound is internally routed to the distortion input and is available in it's distorted vesion at the Dist output. As there's an audio input as well, you can distort any sound you desire. Both input level and amount of distortion are adjustable, the latter one is voltage controllable. Distortion activity is visualized with a LED.


ATTENTION: The module outputs very hot hifi signals (20V p-p), so please use the level control!


- bass drum: trigger in, decay CV in, pitch CV in, accent CV in, clean BD out
- distortion: audio in, distortion CV in, audio out


3U Eurorack module, 13HP wide, 30mm deep
power consumption: 55mA @ +12V and 45mA @ -12V

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