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Mutant Brain is a universally reconfigurable MIDI CV interface. Besides monophonic patches, you can also control polyphonic synthesizer voices or multi-channel drum setups with this module. Clock signals and transport commands may be transferred to the analog world as well. In detail, the module offers four CV and twelve gate / trigger outputs. The performance is excellent. A web-based editor makes configuring the Mutant Brain very easy.



Mutant Brain is equipped with one MIDI DIN input and 16 analog outputs. The connectors are divided into four CV and twelve gate / trigger sockets. Each output can be assigned its own MIDI channel plus function. A browser-based editor, the Mutant Brain Surgery App, allows you to configure the module. More precisely, the software generates SysEx files, which can be transferred to the Mutant Brain via its MIDI input. Once there, the configuration is saved permanently. – Unintentional parameter changes are therefore impossible.

The four CV outputs operate in the range of 0 V to +8 V and can translate the following data to the analog domain:

  • Note values (Monophonic or polyphonic, 1 v per octave or V / Hz)
  • Pitch Bend, Velocity or Aftertouch
  • MIDI CC values

In addition, it is possible to use the CV connectors as fixed voltage sources.

The twelve gate outputs emit signals in the range of 0 V to +5 V. Here, the following data can be converted:

  • Note gates and triggers
  • Drum triggers and re-triggers
  • MIDI transport functions
  • MIDI clock (including a divider function)
  • CC value above or below threshold

MIDI DIN input
Four CV outputs
Twelve gate / trigger outputs


3U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide, 38 mm in depth
Power consumption: 19 mA at +12V and 4 mA at -12V

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