Hexinverter - Mutant Clap


The fact that the 909's hand clap only had a volume parameter wasn't satisfying for Hexinverter. So they epanded the circuit by a lot of features: pitch and sustain controls, an overdrive, a filter and more. The result is a versatile clap module capable of creating so many sounds!


Core of the Mutant Claps is a linear feedback shift register (LFSR) noise generator which can be pitched, resulting in anything between low-frequent crunchy 8Bit C64ish sounds to high pitched white noise. Pitch parameter is even voltage controlled! The LSFR signal can be directly tapped at the noise output (pre VCA).
The sound can be further shaped with an overdrive and a switchable resonant band pass filter which has an individual audio output.

The sustain parameter controls length of the clap, allows for long noises and will make the clap stay on indefinitely in maximum position.
A very nice feature is the reverb which adds much depth to the clap sound which usually sounds rather flat. In the Mutant Clap you can voltage control the reverb length, the effect can be deactivated with a switch which also controls source signal routing: select either the internal nosie generator (pre filter) or the external signal (post filter).

Instead of the LFSR you can insert any other audio signal into the circuit using the external audio in for totally different percussive sounds, you might distort or just filter it. If nothing is plugged into it, the EXT potentiometer controls the volume of internal sound generator.


ATTENTION: The module outputs very hot hifi signals (20V p-p)!


trigger input, accent input, external audio input
reverb decay CV in, pitch CV
main out, noise out, filter out


3U Eurorack module, 13HP wide, 30mm deep
current draw: 75mA @ +12V and 35mA@ -12V

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