Hexinverter - Mutant Machine


The Mutant Machine is the Phil Collins of all the drum modules because it can play a whole drum kit. Okay, all jokes aside: the module is not limited to generate one special type of electro drum but due to it's rich sound engine and the vast numebr of functions it can create almost any type of drum voice, from bass drums to toms, snares, claps, cow bells, what ever you like. Because of several individual outputs you can use it for drones and noise, too.



Two synthesis forms are available at the same time at a mix main output ar at separate outputs: a membrane section with two VCOs for tonal stuff and a snappy section for the noisy part.

MEMBRANE: consists of two VCAs with separately adjustable level. Their waveforms (sine, triangle and square) can be selected per VCO with buttons or simultaneously in "enable mode" by a clock (internally or by an external clock). This "scan frequency" is voltage controllable and at modulations in audio rate the VCOs will sound like complex oscillators. Enable function can be de-/activated by a gate.
Further parameters: detune of 2nd VCO; voltage controllable pitch; membrane decay; pitch bend with adjustable level and time; overdrive.
Internal clock as well as the VCOs and the pitch decay envelope's CV are available at output sockets.

SNAPPY: noise generator with adjustable click volume, level, decay time and pitch. Latter both can be voltage controlled. "Snappy In" parameter mixes the result to the main mix and can be voltage modulated, too.

Pitch bend of Membrane ans Snappy can be controlled simultanously by the ALL decay input. Membrane and Snappy are fired simultaneousl when triggered and also the membrane CV affects both sections.
There is a main output yet the VCOs and the noise are available at individual outputs.


Trigger in, Accent CV in
Membrane: Wave1 CV In, Pitch CV in, outputs for Wave 1 + 2
Clock: input, output. freq CV input, enable input
decay EG: CV ins for membrane decay and ALL decay. Pitch decay CV in and out
Snappy: CV inputs for snappy, decay, pitch
waves out, main out, noise out


3U Eurorack module, 29HP wide, 35mm deep
hunger: 139 mA @ +12V and 115 mA @ -12V

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