Hexinverter - Orbitals (limted!)


Voltage controlled analog sequencer with two track wich 8 steps each which can be chained to create a longer sequence with max. 16 steps. Bipolar mode, several running direction modes, transposition, global gale length and sequqnce length control (per sequence). A great unit, unfortunately produced only in one limited run.



Each sequencer channel is mostly identical, and we will describe one channel. Differences will be pointed out:

The internal clock generator's tempo is set with the Rate potentiometer. For synchronising there's a clock input (accepts frequencies up to 1kHz) and a clock output (0-5V). CVs are set with potentiometers, gates with illuminated buttons. Press RUN button to start the sequence or inject a gate into the RUN input. When the sequencer is stopped, CV and Gate outputs are muted. Gate length is set globally with a small pot.
A control is used to select the direction: forward, backward, pendulum, random, CV mode and Clock mode. A gate at the Reverse input directly makes the sequencer run backward.
About CV and CLK modes: both address steps via CV at the RST/CV input.
- CV mode only reads the CV and addresses a step at certain voltage levels.
- CLK mode is quantised to the clock and acts like a S&H: The CV is read out only when a impulse is present. No change in CV but an active impuse means the step is played again exactly as before.
In all other modes the RST/CV input is used for resetting the sequence by a gate (a logical "high") to the imaginary step "0" in order for starting the sequence at "1"

In bi-polar mode the CVs are not 0V to 10V but -5V to +5V (or jumper selectable: 0V to 5V or -2.5V to +2.5V). "Slave B>A" couples clock and controls of sequencer B to sequencer A. A master reset button resets both sequencers simultaneously. "Trans A" allows for transposing channel A for instance by a keyboard.
Sequence length: 1-8 for sequencer B and 1-16 for sequencer A. Is sequencer A's length higher than 8 steps, Orbitals automatically switches to 16-step mode, allowing for max. 16 steps.


Limited production run! Sales only as long as stock lasts!


per sequencer: CV out, Gate out, Clock in & out, Run input, Reset/CV input, Reverse input

additional Transpose input for sequencer A


3U Eurorack module, 42HP wide, 30mm deep
Current draw: 90mA @ +12V and 20mA @ -12V

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