Hexinverter - Red Dragon


This -24dB per octave steep low pass filter has been realized around a unique and curious Soviet-era filter core design. Being more a characteristic filter rather than a ultra-precise tool it is really great for strong sound coloration. It is equipped with voltage controllable of many parameters like overdrive at the input, a post-filter VCA and even morphing of the slope from -6dB to -24dB.



The Red Dragon's uniqueness is its filter core which abuses a programmable amplifier IC by modulating its bandwidth and thus creating a filter effect, distortion and adding a lot of characer to the signal. Four of such filter stages are combined into a 24dB steep low pass filter but it is possible to blend from on to four filter poles i.e. to morph from -6dB to -24dB/octave slopes, both manually and with a CV.

The resonance character is bubbly and tends to screech. The Res Clip switch is used dor de/activating the resonance clipping.

To take the roughness to the extreme the filter offers a voltage controllable overdrive parameter at the input.

After the Red Dragon's filter a VCA is located which can be turned off wit the Out VCA switch when needed.


audio input, audio output
CV inputs: 2x Cutoff, Drive, Resonance, Morph, VCA


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 30mm deep
current draw: 35mA at +12V and 35mA at -12V

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