Indaboxx - boxer (6U suitcase, stained wood)


The boxer is a transportable Eurorack suitcase-style enclosure made of stained wood. It offers two rows of 84HP width. Hand-made in Germany. No power solution included.



The enclosure has a rail length of 432 mm which equals 84 HP width. As the suitcase is comprised of two rows you have 168 HP space for modules in total.
The maximum module depth is 65mm. With 53mm the lid is deep enough to keep the system patched when you transport it.

Thick rubber pads at the enclosure's underside protect it and provide for a secure footing.


Power supply and power distribution are not included.

Unlike the picture the enclosure's wood is stained with black color.


462 x 320 x 149 mm (W x H x D)

3.0 kg
Article Number
former retail price: €205.88

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