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Argos Bleak is a four-channel oscillator controller with integrated quantizer and chord generator. Each control path features coarse and fine tune potentiometers as well as a slew knob. Additionally, there is a Vibrato LFO with global controls plus adjustable phase and intensity per VCO channel. Argos Bleak comes equipped with two pitch CV inputs, which can be evaluated simultaneously. The module can be played over a range of eight octaves. Additional control voltage connectors can be used to influence the circuit’s behavior. For instance, it is possible to switch between pitch CV inputs and chord configurations via gate signals.



Argos Bleak offers two pitch CV inputs, which work with 1 V per octave characteristic. Up to four oscillators can be addressed by the module via individual control paths. Users are able to determine whether just one CV input or an arithmetic combination of both connectors is utilized to control each channel. Switching between the inputs can be done manually or via gate signals. Argos Bleak accepts voltages in the range of 0 V to +8 V. Therefore, the module is playable in a range of eight octaves. Incoming pitch material can be altered via a quantizer. In detail, root note and a scale type are selectable. For connecting the quantizer with external circuits, there is a trigger input and output.

Each VCO control channel comes equipped with coarse and fine tune potentiometers, a slew knob and a signal output. Select buttons allow users to edit additional parameters. For instance, it is possible to place the slew stage in front or behind the quantizer. A gate input allows users to add slew effects to individual notes of a sequence. Furthermore, Argos Bleak features a vibrato LFO. Rate and amplitude can be adjusted globally. One of these parameters can be modulated via a CV input plus bipolar attenuator. Additionally, each control channel is equipped with a knob for adjusting intensity and phase of the vibrato effects.

Argos Bleak can save up to 32 chord presets. In detail, quantizer scale selection, the semitone offsets for each channel, slew limiter routing, and all other programmable parameters are stored. Chord presets can be chosen via the module’s rotary encoder or a CV input.

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