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Dual modulation generator with a cross-patched CV path and multiple frequency control modes. Kermit can work either as a wide-range LFO, or a 1V/octave tracking utility audio oscillator. There is a bonus "tap tempo" mode that imitates the frequency of incoming pulses, with its own unique character.



Each oscillator section has three parameters: frequency, amplitude, and waveshape. Manual controls are present for each, as well as a single CV input (with attenuverter) that can be assigned to one of these parameters. The color of the illuminated button defines the modulation destination: green = frequency, red = amplitude, orange = shape

There are three frequency modes to be selected with a button (green = LFO, red = audio, orange = tap tempo. The socket "1V/OCT/TAP" is an 1V/octave CV socket in audio and LFO modes but in TapTempo mode it expects a rhythmical signal with a rising edge, like a pulse, trigger etc.
The amplitude ("Amount") control works as a digital VCA.
The Shape control smoothly morphs 16 waveshapes in the style of a single bank of "Piston Honda" waveforms. The included shapes range from the standard sine/tri/saw/square to digital noise and complex waveforms.

The output of each oscillator section is normalled to the CV input of the opposite one. By turning up the attenuverter and assigning the CV inputs to parameters of your choice, you can create complex, chaotic oscillations using no patch cords at all. For normal operation, turn the attenuator to the center position.

Each section of Kermit has two outputs: a bipolar, 10Vp-p output and a unipolar 0-5V output. A LED on each side provides continuous visual indication of the output state.


per unit:
- mode CV input (1V/ Oct /Tap)
- CV input with assignable destination
- unipolar and bipolar output.


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 30mm deep

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