The Harvestman - Malgorithm MkII


The BigDaddy of all voltage controlled bit crusher modules, the Malgorithm is back! The revised MarkII version offers a much better audio quality with 48kHz sampling rate and 16Bit depth, illuminated buttons instead of the tedious toggle switches, a brand new wave shaper and all that comes in stereo!



Bit crusher with adjustable sampling rate of max. 48kHz and up to 16Bit depth, both parameters can be controlled by 0-5V voltages and the CV inputs have a polarizer. The Bit reduction is non-integer and continuous in the Mk2 version i.e. you can get "between the bits" and there are no more audible steps when modulating.

After that the signal can be processed by a digital waveshaper that´s different modes can be activated with four illuminated buttons - this results in 256 possible conbinations for digital distortion madness.

The Malgorithm Mk2 can operate in stereo and thus has each two audio inputs and outputs. The input level and the wet/dry mix can be adjusted manually and with a CV.


2 audio inputs (L+R), 2 audio outputs (L+R)

CV inputs for controlling the input gain, the Bit depth, the sampling rate and the effect amount


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide

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