Industrial Music Electronics - Piston Honda Mark III


Long awaited, finally available soon: The Piston Honda Mark III is a dual wavetable oscillator with exceptionally powerful sound. 512 waveforms are waiting to be used. The sound palette ranges from smooth to harsh and shrill tones. Noisy results are possible as well. – Still not enough for you? Then add your own WAV waveforms via Micro SD card. Thru-Zero-FM, a four-voice unison mode and a multitude of CV inputs invite you to experiment. In terms of usability, the Mark III version scores with a new graphic display and a preset manager.




  • Digital dual wavetable oscillator
  • Wavetable with 512 waveforms (16 bit) which can be traversed by each oscillator on X-, Y- & Z-axis (CV controllable)
  • Two independent oscillators with Thru-Zero-FM
  • Unison mode and external input for waveshaping
  • 8 Octaves range
  • Using your own wavetables via micro SD card
  • Graphic OLED display
  • File Browser
Per oscillator: 1V/Octave, CV input, Sync input, FM/External input
Waveform selection CV inputs: X, Y, Z
Preset/Edit CV input
Outputs for oscillator A, B and Mix
3U Eurorack module, 17HP wide, skiff friendly
Powerconsumption: 105mA +12V, 35mA -12V
0.2 kg
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