The Harvestman - Polivoks Modulator


This multfunctional modulator module's circuit orignates from the russian analog synth Polivoks. Included are an LFO with three wave forms, a noise generator and also a sample & hold circuit.



On top we find the частота frequency control for the LFO that outputs three wave forms: trinagle, square and a 180° phase shifted square. The high-frequent noise output is located in the LFO's output section as well.
The square and the noise are normalized to the sample & hold so you can instantly generate classic s&h staircase random voltages without patching anything and take tham from the выход output. The S&H of course has inputs for the sample signal and the trigger signal, allowing for using it as an autonomous circuit.


sample & hold: signal input (normalized to noise), trigger input (normalized to LFO square), output
LFO outputs: triangle, square, phase inverted square.
Noise output


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 30mm deep

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