Industrial Music Electronics - Polivoks VCA / ADSR


Modular adaptation of the ADSR envelope and the VCA from the soviet Polivoks synthesizer. The VCA is buit with an unusual russian amplifier circuitry and has an own sound. The ADSR offers a loop mode and delays for attack and release.
The signal flow is normalized but you can also use both circuits individually. Well suited for using in compact modular synth voices or for cloning a Polivoks synth.



Left hand we find the VCA with a big manual level control and the two CV inputs with polarizers. CV input 1 is normalized to the positive ADSR output.The VCA fetures a gain higher than factor 1.

The ADSR is more complex. As usual there are controls for attack, decy and relese times and for the sustain level. In addition you have two controls ((задержка, bottom left) for setting delays for the attack and release stages.
The режим switch activates the loop mode. скoрость selects between two envelope speeds. зaпуск features a gate input and a manual gate button. The loop function will work only when a gate is "high2. The envelope generator has one normal and one inverted output


Don't worry, the included quickstart manual explains the cyrillic legending.


VCA: audio input, audio output, CV inputs 1 and 2
ADSR: gate input, positive and negative ADSR out


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 30mm deep

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