Industrial Music Electronics - Stillson Hammer Mk2


Despite the similarity in names this here hs nothing to do with the old Stillson Hammer. Nothing. This here is the probably best sequencer module in Eurorack.
In short words: 4 teacks á 16 steps, memory, flexible step repeat dunction, glide, quantizer with various modes, clock generator with voltage control, assignable CV inputs for modulating various parameters. Operation with illuminated faders, a display and an encoder.



Four CV/gate tracks, each with maximum 16 steps which can have an individual lenght per track. Polyrhyths? Absolutely no problem!
Step repeat is possible and you can set for each step the number and even the rate of repeats - crazy!
There are 32 non-volatile memory locations, two assignable CV inputs for modulating various parameters (with programmable modulation intensity per step!)
The module has a clock generator with voltage control of rate but it can be synchronized to an external clock. It offers a reset input and also a reset output.

The beast has whole seven parameter pages - for ease of use without menu diving there are four hot keys which can manipulate even several parameters at once.

Per track (4 tracks total):

  • 1v/oct calibrated CV output
  • Gate output
  • Mute function
  • Quantizer scale (off, 12-tone, roots and fifths, minor/major triads, sixth and sevenths, all seven modes with selectable root)
  • adjustable track length for polyrhythmic operation (all tracks follow the reset signal, and new sequences are loaded according to the length of track 1)
Parameters per step (maximum 16 steps per sequence):
  • CV value (0-8V at full scale, 0-5V, or selectable 2-octave ranges)
  • Slide/portamento (adjustable time)
  • Gate length and offset/delay
  • Burst rate and repetition count per step


clock input, clock output, clock rate CV input
transport: run/stop input, reset input, reset output
CV inputs for assignable controllers A & B
CV outs I - IV, gate outs I - IV


3U Eurorack module, 32HP wide, 43mm deep

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