The Harvestman Stillson Hammer


Not in production anymore

Burst generator  with six outputs. A manual button press (or external gate input) will start a "burst" of repeated gate events coming out of a selected range of outputs.



Burst frequency (time between gate outputs), output span (from 1 to 6 outputs), and event count are all voltage controllable. The pattern of output transition is also selectable: normal forward sequential travel, pendulum (forward, then backward), and random patterns are available.

There is also a bonus "threshold" mode that lights up a range of gate outputs in response to the magnitude of the main CV input.


Herr Sebastian Jäger aus Seattle erweitert sein Angebot stetig und stellt mit diesem Modul wieder eines vor welches seine Liebhaber finden dürfte.


Eingänge: -Clock Frequency -Event Count -Output Span -Trigger in Ausgänge: Gate 1-6 Masterclock Event Count


200g mit Verpackung 13 TE ca. 3cm Einbautiefe

1 kg
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