Industrial Music Electronics - Tyme Sefari MkII


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The revised version of the great sampling module Tyme Sefari now gives you double memory space, a much higher sampling frequency and sliders for setting the loop start- and end-points. Recording runs with 6Bit, internal processing with 16Bit resolution. When looping clicks are not audible anymore.

Used as a digital delay in realtime-samping mode the new TapTempo button is a perfect addendum.



The recorded material can be read out with different speed and transposed for that reason by the sampling frequency parameter manually and with a CV. The whole sample is looped by default unless you activate the Loop function. Then you can set the start and end points of the sample with two sliders and/or CVs. If the endpoint is to be before the start point, interesting digital artifacts will happen.

Playback direction of the sample, recording and playback are activated with switches or by 0-5V signals. There´s one direct audio output and a mix output with according dry/wet control. The feedback parameter can be set positive or negative by the flick of a switch or a switching voltage.

If recording and playback are activated simultaneously then you can use the Tyme Sefari as a digital delay. The delay time will be determined by the sampling frequency parameter, the number of repeats by the feedback parameter. The switchable Tap-Tempo function is very useful in delay mode but it disables the loop point faders. You can tap with an external gate as well. The tapped clock is present at the Tap output socket.

Explanation of the "left input" and "left output" legending: the expander Sound Of Thunder (revised version to be released late 2012) will expand the Tyme Sefari by an right input and right output for stereo sampling! Furthermode different Bit resolutions of the inpout signal will be possible, partially with compression or doubling sampling time. Pitch shifter and circuit bending are possible with the expander as well.


AUDIO: Left Audio in, Mix out, Left Audio out.
CV inputs: Loop Start In, Loop End In, Sampling Frequency In,
switch CV inputs: Record, Play, Loop, Direction, Feedback +/-,
Tap-Tempo: Gate input, Clock output


3U Eurorack module, 15HP wide
Current draw ca. 80mA

0.188 kg
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