Innerclock Systems - SyncGen2 LS (Eurorack)


Sync Gen 2 LS is a module for sample-accurate rhythmical pulse synchronisation between your DAW and your Eurorack modular system. Or in simple words: for creating a perfect clock from your computer!
The clock is available at several minijack sockets and in addition there is a MIDI clock output and a DIN-Sync output!



Sample-accurate tempo synchronisation with minimal start latency and a sync conversion within 20ms. Works with every multi-channel audio interface without any special cables. You just need to install the provided "Sync Gen II" software (AU / VST / RTAS - Win /Mac - 32/64bit).

The clock and transport information like start, stop and reset come from your DAW from an audio signal generated with the "Sync Gen II" software. Those information are present at two outputs of your audio interface and have to be connected with the "clock" and "transport" sockets of the module.

The module creates from this clock not only a stable MIDI clock and DIN-Sync signal available at two 5-pole DIN sockets  but predominately the analog clock needed for a modular system (5ms long, 5V DC level). It is available at nine different minijack sockets with different clock division factors. Some outputs allow for inverting the time grid with a switch or choosing another divisor.

  • output a = one trigger per bar OR (whole note) OR the same inverted
  • outputs b and c = two triggers per bar (semi note) // the same but inverted
  • outputs d and e = four triggers per bar (quarter note) // the same but inverted
  • outputs f and g = eight triggers per bar (eighth note) // the same but inverted
  • output h = sixteen triggers per bar (sixteenth note)
  • output i = two triggers per bar (semi note) OR six pluses per bar (quarter triplet)
  • output j is a reset output generating a pulse when your DAW stops

Clock In and Transport In (high quality 1/4"-sockets by Switchcraft)

DIN Sync and MIDI Clock (high quality 5-pin DIN sockets from Lumberg)
9x analog clock outputs, 1x reset output (minijack sockets 3,5mm)


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide

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