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Tanh[3] is a triple analog waveshaper. Traditionally the circuit is used to shape a triangle wave to a sine but when used with more complex signals it behaves as a single knob limiter. It takes an input signal and outputs the hyperbolic tangent function [tanh(x)] for that signal. For many Max/MSP and/or PD users the object [tanh~] may be known. In many cases it is a frequently used secret weapon - now also available in Eurorack!



You can add Tanh[3] to the feedback path and control the feedback. Whether it’s feedback in a delay loop, a reverb or a filter. In this context, the module acts as a limiter for the feedback amplitude.

Running a triangle wave through a Tanh[3] will allow for some interesting wave shape control. Fully CCW and the resulting signal will be a slightly attenuated pass through of the original triangle wave. As the level is increased, the corners will soften and the waveform will shape into a sine wave.

The module reacts very well when the user runs a complex audio signal through one of the channels. Drum voices especially! The effect is similar to compression in terms of sound, but is achieved by wave shaping in contrast to gain reduction. Increasing the level leads to soft clipping distortion/overdrive.

Three audio inputs and outpus

3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 27mm in depth
Powerconsumption: 15mA +12V, 10mA -12V

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