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Tràigh is a fat and warm sounding transistor ladder filter. The built-in three-channel mixer can be used to amplify signals plus it adds soft wave shaping effects. The module is based on discrete circuit designs pioneered by Bob Moog in the 70s. Op-amps are used exclusively at the mixer summing stage and for buffering the output signal. Everything else is transistors and fat caps.



Tràigh features a three-channel input mixer. Unity gain is reached with the volume faders being in mid-position. Higher settings not only add gain, but gentle wave shaping as well. Thanks to this, the module can glue input signals together very nicely.

The filter is a classic transitor ladder low-pass circuit with an edge steepness of -24 dB per octave. Coarse and fine tune potentiometers are available for editing the cutoff frequency. The resonance can sharpen overtone-rich signals very well. A linear FM input with attenuator allows you to create sounds reminiscent of formant filters. Extreme resonance settings make the module self-oscillate. The resulting sine-wave can be played tonally via the 1V / octave input. The audio output comes equipped with another volume fader.


Three audio inputs
Linear FM input
1V /octave input
Audio output


3U Eurorack module, 16 HP wide, 27 mm in depth
Power consumption: 30 mA at +12 V and 15 mA at -12 V

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