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Subtractive synth voice, heavily inspired by the SH-101 and for that reason great for bass and lead sounds but due to it's expanded possibilities you can use it for much more. VCO features a sub-oscillator and noise, the filter is a multimode, the modulation oscillator goes into audio range and the envelope can be looped. A lot of modulations are pre-patched but 27 patch points allow for much more creativity.



The MOD modulation oscillator has a triangle core, hard sync and 4 switchable wave forms and additionally noise and sample & hold. The frequency range is selectable between VCO and LFO and the frequency can be set with the tune fader and the fine potentiometer. Furthermore the modulation oscillator has individual outputs for the wave forms, the noise generator and the S&H, a sync input and a clock input for the S&H generator.

The VCO has an octave switch and a fine tune control, sync, exponential or linear frequency modulation. The pulse width can be controlled manually, by the modulator's triangle, the positve envelope or an external CV.

In the MIX-section pulse and sawtooth waves of the VCO, the sub oscillator, noise (pink or white) and sine or an external signal are mixed. The sub oscillator has three settings: 50% square one or two octaves below the VCO's frequency and a narrow pulse two octaves below.

The VCF is a resonant Roland type multimode filter, switchable between lowpass, bandpass and high pass and also between 12 and 24db/octave slopes. The LP boost is good at bass frequencies and keeps the filter's volume at high resonance settings. The filter tracks 1V/octave, can oscillate and produces a very clean sine wave. This way you can use it as another sound source. The cutoff frequency can be modulated by two CV inputs or by the modulation oscillator and also internally by the envelope (positive or negative modulation).

The envelope is a classic ADSR with two speed ranges and a gate-able cycle mode.

The VCA offers selectable overdrive and can be opened either by the gate signal, the envelope or by the manual gate button.


VCO: 1V/oct in, PWM in, mod CV in, sync in, external audio in. Waveform outputs for pulse, saw, sine and sub-VCO
VCF: external in, mod CV in, audio out
ADSR: gate and trigger inputs. level CV input. posiitve and inverted output
modulator: 1V/oct in, sync in, waveform outputs( sine, triangle, sawtooth, square), clock in, S&H out, noise out.
1x Main audio out


3U Eurorack module, 40HP wide, 38mm deep.
Power consumption: 214mA @ +12V and 196mA @ -12V

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