Intellijel Designs - 4U case (104 HP) incl. power cable


High end cases for middle-class prices – Intellijel’s aluminum cabinets are sturdy, yet lightweight. They come equipped with reliable, high-performance power supplies.

The 4U Case offered here features a 3 U row and a 1 U row with 104 HP each. The latter can be filled with all kinds of space-saving utility modules, for instance a MIDI CV converter, a quad attenuator and / or a digital reverb processor. The integrated power supply TPS30W MAX delivers 1.5 A at +12 V and -12 V as well as 1 A at +5 V.


The 4U Case is completely made of aluminum. It offers a 1 U row and a 3 U row for housing modules. Each is 104 HP wide. Threaded inserts allow the user to mount circuits with standard M3 screws. (No sliding nuts!) Displaceable rubber feet ensure slip resistance in both upright as well as lying position. For powering modules, a bus board, model TPS30W MAX, is built-in. Up to 20 modules can be connected. The circuit shines with high stability and precision plus it emits only very little noise. Thanks to the cabinet’s rail system, the bus board can be re-positioned very easily. For feeding the bus board, Intellijel’s 4U case comes with a Meanwell 60 W PSU. It gets connected via a socket on the cabinet’s left side. Additionally, there is an on / off switch. By adding the module Power Entry 1U to the system, DC input and control element can be relocated to the front.

The TPS30W MAX features the following tech specs:

  • 1.5 A at +12 V
  • 1.5 A at -12 V
  • 1 A at +5 V

The weight of the 4U case (104 HP) is approximately 2.6 kilograms. (The weight given below refers to case, accessories and packaging material.)


The included power cord (Schuko plug / Type F) is suitable for many countries in Europe.

Intellijel 1U modules:
µMidi 1U
Audio I/O 1U
Line Out 1U
Quadratt 1U
Noise Random Tools 1U
Digiverb 1U
Buff Mult 1U
Headphones 1U
USB Power 1U
µMIDI Jacks 1U
Audio I/O Jacks 1U

Blind panels:
Blind panel 1 U / 42 HP
Blind panel 1 U / 20 HP

Joiner Plates:
Joiner Plates 4U


Input for the Meanwell PSU

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