Intellijel designs Azimuth 2


The Azimuth 2 is an entirely new circuit and more flexible than the original module. You can use it as a VCA, as a panner, crossfader, balancer and also for enhancing he stereo width of an audio signal. Azimuth 2 offers a header for internal connection to the uJack module.



The audio signal passes two linear input VCAs, then the panning section and finally the stereo width enhancer circuit. This gives you a lot of functions, from dual VCA mode to crossfading and panning up to superwide stereo simulation.

The voltage controlled WIDTH parameter affects the functionality of the panning control:

  • Full CCW is MONO width and the Panning knob acts as a linear xfade control between the left and right source signals.
  • Middle setting is normal STEREO operation. A mono signal in the left input can be panned between L/R and a stereo source can be balanced.
  • Full CW is the super stereo mode which employs a special trick to create the aural illusion of an extra wide stereo image.

A switch reverses the crossfade / panning direction. A six-pin header allows for internal connection to the uJack module: the Azimuth2´s outputs are connected with the inputs of the uJack.


- Audio inputs L+R (L is prepatched to R), audio outputs L+R.
- CV inputs: stereo width, panning; per channel a CV inputs for VCA level


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, Skiff-friendly depth
power consumption: 93mA @ +12V and 80mA @ -12V

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