Intellijel designs Dixie 2


The Dixie 2 module is an compact analog oscillator with amazing features. Only 6HP wide it can be a LFO as well, has an unbelievable tracking of 10 octaves (!) and more fetaures.

The new version DIXIE 2 has a wider faceplate of 6HP and has now a skiff-compatible depth. The potentiometers are bolted to the faceplate and the distance between jacks is a little bigger.



The VCO has a coarse and fine tune control of the frequency. The switch de-/activates the LFO mode.LFO-Modus.

  • Triangle core (superior for musical FM sounds)
  • Hi range (VCO): 1Hz to 24kHz
  • Lo range (LFO): 0.01Hz (100 seconds) to 240Hz
  • Precise tracking within 0.1% over 10 octaves
  • 6 waveforms, including: Triangle, Sine, Sawtooth, Pulse (with PWM), Square (50% duty cycle), and a unique "Zigzag" waveform.
  • Soft sync
  • Jumper on PCB to select Center or Edge triggered PWM
  • Header on PCB for connecting master voice controller

Inputs for 1V/octave, linear FM, PWM and sync
Outputs for the six waveforms triangle, sine, sawtooth, pulse, square, zigzag


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 37mm deep.

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