Intellijel Designs - Dixie CTRL


The DIXIE CTRL is an expansion module for up to four Intellijel Dixie oscillators. It adds attenuators and controls for pulse width and PWM, linear and exponential FM and a main 1V/octave input.

The expander is suitable for both version, the old 4HP wide Dixie and the new Dixie 2 but not for the Dixie 2+.



This simple but essential expander can connect up to 4 Dixie oscillators via the supplied 6pin ribbon cables.

  • master 1V/Oct control
  • master linear FM with attenuator
  • master exponential FM with attenuator
  • master pwm with attenuator. PWM is set up so that the modulation direction is inverted in every other Dixie to create extra thick PWM
  • master Pulse Width control

4 CV-Eingänge: 1V/Oktave,  Lin FM,  exp FM,  PWM


3HE Eurorack-Modul, 6TE breit, 28mm tief.

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