Intellijel Designs Dr. Octature 2


Doctor Octature can be used in two different ways. On the one hand it is a octature-LFO which means it´s a sinewave LFO with eight outputs, shifted 45° in phase to each other. On the other hand it is a lowpass filter with eight outputs. It´s design is similar to the analog filters from Roland.



The basis of the module is a 4-pole LPF inspired by the classic "cascaded OTA" design, but realized instead with superior-quality 2164 VCAs. The cascaded OTA design was used eg. in the Jupiter-6 and the SH-101.

If the filter is in self-oscillation you can output eight sine waves which are each 45° apart in phase.The filter can track 1V/oct and thus you get a "octature VCO/LFO". Used as a filter the eight outputs are pairs of 6dB-, 12dB, 18dB und 24dB-low pass filters. If you mix different filter outputs new filter types can be created!

  • Coarse and Fine tuning
  • Range switch for LFO (0.002Hz to 300Hz) and VCO (17Hz to 24kHz) modes
  • VC Resonance with logarithmic response for smooth control
  • 1V/Oct temperature stable tracking
  • Mono/Quad resonance gain distribution switch for classic or enhanced performance
  • Monopolar FM1 and Bipolar FM2 attenuated CV inputs
  • Single pcb design (very shallow/skiff friendly)

inputs: Audio In, 1V/Okt, FM1 (unipolar attenuator), FM2 (bipolar attenautor), Q CV input


  • 2x 6dB/oct (45° and 225°)
  • 2x 12dB/oct (90° and 270°)
  • 2x 18dB/oct (135° and 315°)
  • 2x 24dB/oct (180° and 360°)

3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide;  Skiff-friendly depth of 27.5mm

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