Intellijel Dubmix Aux Expander


Expansion module for the Dubmix by Intellijel. It adds two more voltage controllable AuxSend to each channel.



The Aux Expander adds two more auxiliary sends, B and C, to each channel of the Dubmix and is connected with a ribbon cable to the main module. The additional Aux Sends are voltage controllable, post-fader, have stereo Aux Returns and a clip LED to monitor the output level of the Aux Send. The levels of the sends and returns can be adjusted separately with potentiometers.


Per channel there´s a control voltage input for the level of Aux-sends B and C.
Each send has a mono output and two return inputs (L normalized to R)


3U Eurorack module, 22HP wide, 40mm deep

0.268 kg
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