Intellijel Dubmix


Four-channel audio mixer with voltage controllable panning, gain at the inputs, level meter and muting. But the outstanding fuction is the voltage controlled aux send that makes effect automation possible! The mixer has soft clipping at the in- and output busses, is low-noise, low-bleed and has fast, clean VCAs.

Expansion modules add functions like more Aux Sends or VC of each channel's amplitude.



Each channel has an audio input with 6dB gain, voltage controlled panning and a voltage cotrolled Aux send that has a pre/post switch. The mute button works click-free and is illuminated. The AuxReturn is mono or stereo (normalized) and and it´s level can be adjusted with a knob. The AuxSend´s main level can be set manually or voltage controlled.

Outputs: there are sockets for left and right output, a direct out for the AuxSend and an output for the mix of all muted channels. The 4 stage VU meter has switches to select monitoring of Aux Bus or Mute Bus.

Header to connect master output via cable to uJack and a 3 pin header to chain other Dubmix together (input and output) are available


Both the Aux Expander and the Mini-Expander can be connected at the same time.


Aux Return L+R inputs, audio outputs for L+R, direct Aux output, Mute output
Master level CV input, Master Aux send CV input
per channel: audio input, CV input for panning, CV input for level of aux send.


3U Eurorack module, 28HP wide

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