Intellijel Designs - Palette 62 Stealth


The case offered here features a 3 U row and a 1 U row with 62 HP each. In addition, there is a narrow utility series. The1U row can be filled with all kinds of space-saving utility modules, for instance an oscilloscope, a quad attenuator and / or a digital reverb processor.




  • 4U x 62HP + utility row
  • Built in dual 1x4 Buff mult with bi-color led
  • Midi input jacks (USB and TRS minijack) connects to uMidi 1U and future Midi 1U modules
  • TRS 1/4" I/O Jacks (can be used with Pedal I/O 1U as send/return, Stereo Outs 1U and Stereo In 1U)
  • Robust DC jack and power switches
  • Threaded strips and extruded rails
  • Aluminum anodized chassis
  • CNC Machined side cheeks,
  • 12 Eurorack shrouded power connectors
  • 2 x +5V connector (connects to USB PWR)
  • Rubber feet on bottom
  • Useable depth of 46mm
  • Outer case max size 54mm
external 40W power supply (included)
Audio Out (2x 6.3mm jack)
MIDI In (USB A and 3.5mm jack)
Two integrated buffered 1-to-4 multiples
0.8 kg
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