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Pedal I/O 1U and Pedal I/O Jacks 1U serve as an analog interface for conveniently integrating stomp boxes into modular setups. The other way round, guitarists can use the modules to connect their instrument to Eurorack filters, ring modulators, wave shapers and so forth. A tube-like overdrive is built-in.


The Pedal I/O system combines level shifter and impedance converter in a compact 1U module combo. The division of labor goes as follows:

  • Pedal I/O 1U – Electronic, control elements and modular connectors (Input, Mix output)
  • Pedal I/O Jacks 1U – 6.3 mm TRS sockets for connecting a stomp box (Send, Return)

The Pedal I/O 1U features Send and Return potentiometers, which can be used to regulate the volume both in front of the stomp box and afterwards. The module can thus be matched to any effect device. Thanks to a built-in Class A triode emulation, high settings of the return potentiometer lead to tube-like overdrive. Raw material and effect signal can be mixed via a third knob.

Guitarists have the option to use the Pedal I/O system as a D.I. box. In addition to electronic instruments, the modules are also suitable for piezo pickups. The Class A triode emulation is usable here as well, of course.

For operating the Pedal I/O 1U, a Pedal I/O Jacks 1U is needed, as it provides the Send and Return connectors. For linking both modules, a ribbon cable is used.

Audio input and output


1U Eurorack module, 16 HP wide, 29 mm in depth
Power consumption: 10 mA at +12 V and 10 mA at -12 V

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