Intellijel designs Planar


Intellijel's Planar is much more than just a joystick controller!
Four inputs, vout internal VCAs and the mix output make it possible to use the module as verctor mixer or as four-channel panner.



The Planar was primarily designed for processing audio and it sounds great. It is basically 4 linear VCAs being controlled by special analog logic, driven by the joystick. You can of course use the VCAs to process CV too.

Vector mixing: put up to four sources into inputs A, B, C and D and then use the joystick to create the vector mix. Positioning the joystick in any corner will isolate that particular source. Putting the joystick in the center will create an even blend of all four sources. Resulting mix is taken from the MIX output.

Quad Panning: Plug one source into input A and steer it to outputs A, B, C, D. You can also do stereo panning by just using a pair of outputs. The Planar also takes CV-Y and CV-X inputs to control panning without the use of the joystick.

CV outputs: The joystick produces CVs on either unipolar (0-5V) or bipolar (-5 to 5V) switchable outputs.

CV Inputs: The module accepts X and Y axis inputs. By using out of phase LFO sources (such as outputs from the Dr. Octature) you can create really interesting swirling/circular patterns.  This input is also very useful when coordinated with a CV recorder. You can record the modulation from the X, Y outputs and then turn the joystick off (see switch at top left) and playback the modulation into the X and Y input.  This will allow you to recreate a complex quad panning or vector mixing jam.

It is possible to do stereo panning while using the other axis for controlling something else. The joystick will still output CV even in off position IF the switches are set to /- mode (in unipolar mode nothing).  This can allow you to control external stuff with the joystick without it affecting the internal VCAs.

Fire a gate with the manual gate button. Use the sense output socket to generate a gate whenever the joystick is being moved.


signal inputs A, B, C and D;  signal outputs A, B, C and D
CV inputs X and Y, CV outputs X and Y
Mix output, Gate output, Sense output


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, Skiff-friendly depth

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