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This multi mode filter is based around four cascaded OTA filter stages providing a maximum slope of -24dB/octave. There are individual outputs for low-, band- and high-pass but outstanding is the assignable Multi output which offers 27 different filter types. Those can be LP, BP and HP with different slopes or various noth and allpass filters and even a phaser!
Voltage control of resonance is available as well as overdrive and a separate distortion for the Multi section.



As is the rule with filters the cutoff is set with a potentiometer and in the Polaris module it can be modulated via two CV inptus. FM1 tracks 1V/octave when its attenuator is fully open. FM2 has a polarizer for settingthe modulation intensity. Filter quality Q is voltage controlled, too and the Q CV input features a small attenautor.
Input level is be adjusted with the Input Drive parameter; unity gain is at 12h position, at higher settings the signal will be clipped and will distort. The distortion circuit for the Multi section (see below) is activated separately with a switch.

The individual outputs are a 24dB low pass, a 12dB band pass and a 24dB high pass.
The Multi carries the signal of one of 27 different filters, whose type and variation are selected with the MODE and TYPE buttons. There are four low passes available, seven band passes, four high passes, five or six notch filters and four all pass filters. Finally there's a mode which turns the Polaris into a phase shifter.
As stated above the multi signal can be processed individually by a distortion cicuit.


input, LP output, BP output, HP output, Multi output
Q CV input, 2x cutoff CV input


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 40mm deep
Power consumption: 60 mA at +12 V and 56 mA at -12 V

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