Intellijel designs Quadra Expander


This module expands the Quadra by Intellijel by voltage control inputs for modulating the attack and decay parameters.



  • voltage control of attack and decay (with attenuators) of all four envelopes
  • 4 x EOC (end of cycle) pulse outputs corresponding to the 4 function generators.
  • 2 x analog OR (aka peak circuit) logic outputs that are normalled to the two pairs of envelopes (1 2 and 3 4) with attenuators.
  • Special quadrature modes for Envelopes 1+2 and 3+4 with jumper on PCB to select two different kinds of looping responses.

The module connects to the quADra via 4 ribbon cables, see the "how to install"-video.


per channel: CV input for attack, CV input for decay, EOC output
Two OR logic outputs


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 28mm deep

0.133 kg
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