Intellijel designs Quadra


The Intellijel QUADRA module is a quad function generator. Each of the four channels can be used as an envelope or as LFO.



Each channel of the QUADRA has three operational modes:

  • Attack-Decay envelope
  • Attack-Sustain-Release envelope
  • Cycle: AD envelope is being repeated and becomes a LFO that curve and frequency is dependent on the position of the AD controls

Eachfunction generator can be switched between linear and exponential characteristic. The Attack and Decay parameters have a very wide range and allow for times from 0.5ms to well over 30s. The circuitry has an all analog and discrete logic for function generation and works totally smooth.


The Quadra can be enhanced by attaching the Quadra Expander module which will add CV control and some other functions. You can find the expander under the product id: "IJquax".


four trigger inputs and four envelope outputs


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 36mm deep

0.177 kg
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