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Quadratt 1U offers four active attenuators. Switches allow the user to choose between a unipolar and bipolar mode of operation. Thanks to the outputs being connected to each other, it is possible to employ the module as a mixer. On top of that, the attenuators can also serve as DC voltage sources.


Each of the Quadratt’s attenuators features an input, a potentiometer for damping signals as well as an output. The control ranges of the knobs can be set via switches. In detail, a unipolar (0 V to +5 V) and a bipolar (-5 V to +5 V) mode of operation is available. If not in use, each output sends its signals to the next instance. Therefore, it is also possible to utilize the Quadratt 1U as a mixer with up to four channels. As long as no cables are plugged into the inputs, they get normalled to a precision +5 V DC voltage source.


One input and output per attenuator


1U Eurorack module, 28 HP wide, 25 mm deep
Power consumption: 24 mA at +12 V and 23 mA at -12 V

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