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Intellijels Rainmaker is specialized in creating rhythmical stereo echos and comb filter / resonator effects. Its features exceed the functional range known from ordinary delay modules by far. For instance, the echo section offers up to 16 taps, each comes equipped with a multimode filter and a granular pitch shifter. The feedback channel is equipped with tone controls and another pitch shifter. Groove templates help the musician to construct rhythmical effects. Furthermore, it is possible to use the unit for modal synthesis and Karplus Strong sounds. Given all those features, programming the Rainmaker is surprisingly easy, thanks to its clearly arranged menus and an OLED display.



The Rainmaker was developed by Intellijel and Cyclonix. It processes audio material with a resolution of 32 Bit and 96 kHz. The effect stages can work with either mono or stereo signals. Therefore, this multi effects unit is not only a great addition to modular synthesizers, but other studio, live and even DJ setups as well.

The Rainmaker’s delay section offers up to 16 taps, their delay times can range from 0.1 milliseconds to 20 seconds. Additionally to conventional parameters such as volume or panorama, each tap possesses a -12 dB per octave filter with low pass, high pass, band pass and bypass modes. High resonance values make the circuits self-oscillate, meaning the filters can be used for modal synthesis techniques. Furthermore, the taps are equipped with granular pitch shifters, which have a range of 16 semitones (up) respectively 15 semitones (down). One of the taps can be routed to the Rainmaker’s feedback channel. Here, you have -6 dB per octave tone controls (low pass / high pass) and another pitch shifter at hand. The global delay times can be set manually using a potentiometer and a tap tempo button, or via an external clock signal. For modulation purposes, there is a LFO with several waveforms. 16 groove programs let the user create rhythmical effects.

The Rainmaker’s comb resonator is based on a second delay section, which is mixed with the dry audio material. Up to 64 taps can be utilized to create peaks and valleys in the frequency response. Their distance is adjustable via 16 preset patterns, which are tailored to offer a broad range of resonator timbres and echo rhythms. Global time variations can be done using a potentiometer, a second clock input or a 1 V per octave jack. The tap with the longest delay is sent back to the input via an adjustable feedback channel.

Despite the multitude of functions, operating the Rainmaker is fairly easy, thanks to its thought-trough menus, an easy to read OLED display and lots of control elements. Using the control voltage inputs and attenuators, some parameters can be modulated as well.

The Rainmaker's sound is crystal clear, yet there’s not a hint of sterility, as known from cheap multi effects units. Depending on the module’s settings, the results can be gentle or rather harsh. Fans of experimental sounds will love all the filters and pitch shifters. The comb section can create intense resonator effects, with long delay times the sound bursts open into multiple echos. High feedback values, combined with low tempo settings, lead to plucked string sounds.


audio: input L --> R, output L & R
delay section: CV inputs for feedback, pitch shift and tone. trigger input, clock input
comb section: 1V/oct input, clock input, CV inputs for size and ffedback
mod section: CV inputs MOD A, normalized to MOD B
global clock output


3U Eurorack module, 36 HP wide, 44 mm deep
Power consumption: 270 mA at +12 V und 24 mA at -12 V

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