Intellijel Designs - Rubicon 2


Intellijel has made the already awesome Thru Zero VCO Rubicon even better! In addition to the seven waveforms plus sub-oscillator of the first version, the second generation offers a new Warp stage, which generates a hybrid of complex pulse and other waves. – You can even use external audio material. In order to keep results in the range of 10 Vpp, there is a wave folder called Squish. On top, the FM capabilities were expanded.




  • Thru-Zero VCO
  • Nine simultaneously available waveform outputs
  • Two suboscillators
  • Three variations of a sine wave
  • Exponential and linear FM
  • Hard and soft (flip) synchronisation
  • Pulse width modulation
  • CV control of the FM index
  • Foldable warp circuit
X input
Sync input
CV inputs: 1v/oct, TZFM, Index, Symmetry, FM Exp, PWM, Warp
Nine waveform outputs: sine, triangle, sawtooth, double sawtooth,zig zag, pulse, tri state pulse, sub, warp
3U Eurorack Module, 20HP wide, 38mm deep
power consumption: 142mA @ +12V and 150mA @ -12V
0.25 kg
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