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Galactic sound! – Springray 2 is a special kind of spring reverb. Up to three tanks can be connected. A switch allows users to toggle between them. For tweaking the module’s sound to taste, there are a drive section, a parametric equalizer and a feedback channel. The latter features an asymmetrical FET-based tube emulation, a limiter and send / return connectors. The Springray’s results are very atmospheric. Depending on the spring tank used, its basic character is either brilliant and lulling or rather dark and metallic. High feedback settings lead the module into self-oscillation. Thanks to CV inputs, it is possible to create effects similar to a Flanger. Plucking the springs produces clanging percussion sounds.



Springray 2 comes equipped with three cinch inputs and outputs for connecting spring tanks. Two pairs of connectors are situated on the circuit board. The third input and output can be accessed via the front panel. A switch decides which spring tank is fed with audio material. The module’s signal input is followed by an adjustable drive stage. High levels lead to overdrive effects. The equalizer features one fully parametric band. Frequency and gain parameters can be modulated via CV inputs. Small knobs allow users to attenuate incoming control voltages. The feedback channel is equipped with an asymmetrical, FET-based tube emulation. The feedback intensity can be adjusted via a potentiometer. Another rotary element allows users to limit the volume. Send and return connectors can be used to add third-party modules like filters or effects to the feedback channel. Dry and wet signals can be combined via a mix potentiometer.


Spring tanks are not included with the Springray 2. Intellijel offers the following tanks:
Small tank
Medium tank
Large tank


Audio input
CV inputs for frequency and gain parameters
Send and return connectors
Audio output
Three cinch inputs and outputs for connecting tanks


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 42 mm in depth
Power consumption: 44 mA at +12 V and 34 mA at -12 V

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