Intellijel designs Triatt - triple attenuator


The TriAtt is a triple active attenuator module with different modes of operation. It replaces the discontinued uAtt module



Unlike other attenuator modules the TriAtt is an active module. Per channel there are three selectable modes:

  • active attenuator
  • bipolar attenauator
  • attenautor/inverter (aka polarizer).

Besides of that the module is normalized to 5V or 10V, so you can use each of the channels as a fixed voltage generator with adjustable voltage amount, when nothing is connected to the inputs. Depanding on the jumper position three voltage ranges are available per channel:

  • position 1: 0 to -5V
  • position 2: -5 to 5V
  • position 3: 0 to 5V

3x In, 3x Out


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide,  24mm deep

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