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The µMIDI 1U can be used to form, in combination with an Intellijel 7U-Case or the module µMIDI Jacks 1U, a well-equipped control center for modular setups. In detail, the MIDI-CV interface is equipped with six outputs, which emit pitch, velocity, gate and trigger voltages as well as signals derived from controller messages. Furthermore, the module features four connectors for synchronizing sequencers and such.


The µMIDI 1U is linked to 7U case or µMIDI Jacks 1U via a ribbon cable. Both the cabinet and module feature DIN and USB inputs. Therefore, besides studio equipment, it is also possible to connect a computer, iPhone or iPad. Incoming data is send to the µMIDI 1U. The circuit then translates note and controller messages into analog control voltages. An ARM processor guarantees excellent performance.

The µMIDI 1U comes equipped with a pitch CV channel, which allows the user to play oscillators within a range of ten octaves. Gate and trigger outputs activate envelopes, function generators, e.g. Three additional connectors emit signals derived from velocity, modulation wheel and continuous controller data. For fooling around with sequencers, there are Run and Reset outputs as well as two clock ports. One of these connectors works with a fixed 16th note value. The other clock output can be edited in its timing via a button. Thanks to the µMIDI’s learn function, gauging the module to a MIDI channel is only a matter of seconds.


Gate, Trigger, CC, Mod, Vel and Pitch outputs
Run, Reset, 1/16th and Clock outputs


1U Eurorack module, 22 HP wide
Power consumption: 47 mA at +12 V and 3 mA at -12 V

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