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Modern and compact, monophonic interface which converts MIDI data to control voltages, gate signals and clock. Even the transport functions run/stop and reset are available aas outputs - that's a whole lot for a 6 HP module! Via USB it can be connected directly to a computer, iPod/iPad or conventionally via a DIN socket to other MIDI gear.



On top the digital inputs are located, in form of a MIDI DIN socket and a USB socket as well as the Learn button for programming the MIDI receive channel.

In the center, highlighted in blue, are the switching outputs:

  • 1/16th: Clock output witha fixed clock divider of 6, equals 1/16th notes.
  • CLK: clock output with variable dividers, to be programmed with the Learn button:
  • 6 (1/16 notes)
  • 12 (1/8 notes)
  • 24 (1/4 notes)
  • 48 (1/2 notes)
  • 96 (whole notes, eg: every measure)
  • 1 (24 ppq [pulses per quarternote])
  • 3 (1/32 notes)
  • RUN: goes "high" at a MIDI Start command "low" at a MIDI Stop command.
  • RESET: outputs a trigger when a MIDI Reset command is received.
  • At the bottom, highlighted in black, are the CV outputs:

    • PITCH: 1V/oct Note CV with a range of 10V. Comprises of MIDI note number and PitchBend value.
    • MOD: CV in a range of 0-5V, according to position of the modulation wheel.
    • VEL: Velocity CV in a range of 0-5V, according to the note velocity.
    • CC: controller CV (0-5V), ready the CC#2
    • GATE: goes "high" as long as the Note is played. Interprets the Note On/off command.
    • TRIG: at each NoteOn command the output will emit a trigger signal.


    MIDI inputs: 1x DIN socket, 1x USB connector
    1/16th clock output, variable clock output, run output, reset output
    CV outputs: pitch, mod wheel, velocity, CC #2
    gate output, trigger output


    3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 40mm deep

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