Intellijel Designs - uMod II


Ring modulator based on linear VCAs and analog logic module in one module. Polarity switches for the input signals and the quadrant control allow for mangling of signals. The module can be used as a linear VCA, wave shaper and CV mangler.



Ring modulator alias four quadrant multiplier: level controls set the volume of the input signals X and Y and the switches above determine the polarity of the carrier (X) and modulator (Y) or mute the signal in center position. The Quadrant control shifts multiplication into posiitve or negative quadrants.
If quadrant value is changed while frequency modulating, sum and difference frequencies will be added to the orignal frequencies which enhances the ring modulator's spectrum.

Analog logic: The four analog logic outputs carry the sum and difference of the x and y signals and also the minimum and maximum which equals an AND & OR logic. LED show positive and negative signals.


ring modulator: X and Y inputs. RM output.
logic: outputs for sum, difference, minimum and maximum


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 35mm deep
power hunger: 41mA @ +12V and 41mA @ -12V

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