Intellijel designs uScale v2


Tiny yet powerful quantizer eurorack module with memory.
Version V2 is now 6HP wide, has much bigger graphics  and has a skiff friendly depth. All jacks are located at the bottom and the shift input has an additional switch.



  • 12 buttons to select scale notes
  • bicolor LEDs show scale pattern (red) and realtime quantized note (green)
  • Special multifunction "shift" input operates in range /-12 semitones. Switch to select if shift input accepts unipolar or bipolar voltages
  • With shift you can alter the output in multiple ways including: transposing before force to scale, transposing in scale (e.g. a value of "4" results in the note transposed 4 scale degrees instead of 4 semitones) and post scaling which allows very interesting key changes. The shift destination can be routed to the main noteA, interval note B, both or the scale root (again creates really interesting scale changes). Output B (interval note) is derived from the root note. It can be selected as /-12 semitone value.
  • interval note can also remain chromatic (not forced to scale) so that you can have fixed intervals.
  • 8 banks x 8 scales of store/recall
  • manual scale root note shifting (essentially shift scale left/right)

signal input, shift input, outputs A and B


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide

0.054 kg
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