Intellijel Dual ADSR


Dual ADSR that is based on the envelope of the Roland SH-101, but several enhancements. Besides the funky faders it has a cycle mode, trigger buttons and some more features.



Besides the normal envelope mode the module also has a cycle mode that repeats the envelope. If a cable is inserted into a gate input the loop will be only generated at a high gate. This is really nice with longer release times as the LFO-effect slowly fades away.
Three timing ranges are selectable with a switch, with maximum attack times of 1s, 10s or 60s. The medium setting is similar to the SH-101´s.
A linear VCA after the ADSR allows for dynamic sontrol of the envelope´s output level what is very nice with velocity

The envelopes can be triggered manually with buttons of with gate signals; Gate1 input is normalized to Gate2 input. A retrigger input for each ADSR is available as well. The envelopes have inverted and non-inverted outputs. The EOD output (end-of-decay) generates a pulse after having finished the decay stage, it is also visulatized with the LED. In cycle mode the EOD output will create a pulse wave.


Each ADSR has a gate input, a retrigger input and a level CV input for the VCA. There is a positive output, an inverting output and a end-of-decay pusle output.


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide.

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